COVID-19 and the Labor Market

The coronavirus pandemic causes enormous economic and social disruptions that call on various scientific disciplines to search for solutions. As an independent research institute and global network in labor economics, IZA is prepared to rise to this challenge. This website is regularly expanded to provide updated information, new empirical findings, and policy advice.

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Crisis Response Monitoring

Cumulated deaths per 1 Mio inhabitants
Monitored countries G20 countries

Economic and social disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic may have lasting effects on employment, income and working conditions. At the same time, there are significant cross-country differences in the labor market and social policy responses that are deployed to help mitigate the imminent crisis effects. IZA closely monitors these developments in a joint effort with a small number of selected labor economists as country experts. First reports are now available.

Further Information

IZA World of Labor

Job search during a pandemic recession

by Maria Balgova, Simon Trenkle, Christian Zimpelmann, Nico Pestel

Stimulating active job search will become a crucial part of the transition to the new normal.

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IZA World of Labor

What does the Covid-19 R&D response tell us about innovation?

byRuchir Agarwal, Patrick Gaule

Global pharmaceutical innovation could be scaled up significantly.

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IZA World of Labor

Lifestyle and mental health disruptions during Covid-19

byOsea Giuntella, Kelly Hyde, Silvia Saccardo, Sally Sadoff

Disruptions to physical activity emerge as a leading risk factor for depression during the pandemic.

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IZA World of Labor

Does Covid-19 make us more averse to inequality?

by Miqdad Asaria, Joan Costa-Font, Frank Cowell

The effects differ depending on the characteristics and experiences of risk in the household.

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Data on COVID-19

Supported by IZA the COVID-19 Impact Lab analyzes the effects of the current crisis and countermeasures on people's behavior, fears, and beliefs. A list of relevant data resources is continuously updated by IZA’s research data center IDSC. The center hosts selected datasets for scientific use.

Impact Lab Data Resources

COVID-19 Research at IZA: Funding and Internal Projects

IZA conducts own COVID-19 related research and supports topical research within the IZA Network. View a list of projects (corresponding authors only) funded under the IZA Coronavirus Emergency Research Thrust and read more about our internal research on the effects of the pandemic.

  • What is at stake without high stake exams?
    Students' evaluation and admission to college at the time of COVID-19

    Caterina Calsamiglia (ICREA & IPEG)

  • Does the exposure to Covid19 shape inequality attitudes?
    Effects of employment, income and health shocks

    Joan Costa-Font (London School of Economics & IZA)

  • The impact of covid-19 on work and time-use in the family

    Libertad González (Universitat Pompeu Fabra & IZA)

  • Subsidizing wages during the COVID-19 crisis:
    Evidence from Australian accounting data

    Steven Hamilton (George Washington University)

  • The Global COVID-19 University Student Survey

    David Jaeger (University of St Andrews & IZA)

  • Short-Time Work and Unemployment Benefits During the COVID-19 Crisis:
    An Empirical Evaluation Using Administrative Data

    Simon Jäger (MIT & IZA)

  • Initial Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Employment and Hours of Self-employed Workers by Gender, Parental Status, and Spousal Employment Status

    Charlene Kalenkoski (Texas Tech University & IZA)

  • Short-term Impacts of COVID-19 on Consumption, Labor Market Outcomes, and Health: Evidence from Singapore

    Seonghoon Kim (Singapore Management University & IZA)

  • Firm-level Expectations and Behavior in Response to Covid-19

    Sebastian Link (ifo Institute & LMU Munich)

  • Determinants of the community mobility during the COVID-19 epidemic:
    the role of government regulations and information

    Silvia Mendolia (University of Wollongong & IZA)

  • Effects of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus on Domestic Violence in the US

    Amalia Miller (University of Virginia & IZA)

  • The COVID-19 Pandemic: Economics Meets Epidemiology (Effects of Social Distancing)

    Kurt Mitman (IIES, Stockholm University & IZA)

  • Impacts of the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund on College Continuity and Economic Well-Being in New York City

    Nuria Rodriguez-Planas (CUNY Queens College and the Graduate Center & IZA)

  • The impact of the UK lockdown on time-use and productivity

    Eileen Liong Tipoe (University of Oxford)

  • What are the effects of the Covid-19 crisis on labor demand?
    An analysis using job board data from Austria

    Lennart Ziegler (University of Vienna & IZA)