COVID-19 and the Labor Market

Our Contribution to Adequate Policy Solutions

The coronavirus pandemic causes enormous economic and social disruptions that call on various scientific disciplines to search for solutions. As an independent research institute and global network in labor economics, IZA is prepared to rise to this challenge. This website is regularly expanded to provide updated information, new empirical findings, and policy advice.

The severe depression that will result from the COVID-19 pandemic will lead to a massive rise in global unemployment in the short term. Employment and income opportunities may deteriorate for a long time. There are currently no reliable forecasts on further development of the economic disruptions, nor is there a blueprint on how best to deal with this situation.

However, one thing is clear: public institutions, social partners, and individuals must act effectively so that the consequences of the corona depression on the labor markets can be overcome quickly and in a socially sustainable manner.

To convey the relevant facts and develop adequate labor market policy concepts to respond to this crisis, IZA is concentrating its current research agenda on this topic, drawing on the expertise of our global network members. This online platform will be constantly expanded and updated to report on our ongoing initiatives.

IZA is a local research institute and the world’s largest network in labor economics with over 1,600 scholars around the globe. With this initiative we aim to fulfill our social responsibility in the face of an acute emergency of enormous economic and social magnitude, in line with our mission to contribute to a good future of work for all.

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